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A conceptual framework for integrated analysis of environmental quality and quality of life

E. Banzhaf, F. de la Barrera, A. Kindler, S. Reyes-Paecke, U. Schlinka, J. Welza y S. Kabischa (2014)


Environmental quality has a strong influence on the quality of life for human beings. There are direct linkages between primary elements of the environment, such as air, water, and land surface and the quality of life. Our main research refers to the question how residents and their environment interact by assessing the measured and perceived environmental quality and quality of life. Although, this integrated research requires a wide range of data, there is a lack of studies which have attempted to combine qualitative and quantitative data on quality of the environment and subsequently, quality of life. Based on Lawrence's (2011) notion of environmental quality as a complex concept that is neither static nor absolute, we focus on two interrelated sets of components: bio-geophysical, measurable components and subjective susceptibility of the environmental burdens. We do this by a combined qualitative and quantitative analysis to draw out dimensions of environmental quality and subsequently, quality of life.


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Banzhaf, E., De la Barrera, F., Kindler, A., Reyes-Paecke, S., Schlink, U., Welz, J., Kabisch, S. (2014). A Conceptual Framework for Integrated Analysis of Environmental Quality and Quality of Life. Ecological Indicators. 45. 664-668. 10.1016/j.ecolind.2014.06.002.

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